Friday, November 23, 2007

Who By Fire

I seem to have caught up to myself, and my intention to manage a post a day (on average). Sadly my mo' hasn't managed a similar spurt.

I'm pleased to see I've retained a few of the extra readers generated by mt free press from Scalpel (see the side bar: "Fix Bayonets"; this incidentally is because his blog is called 'Scalpel or Sword' and the British 95th Regiment of Foot ('The Rifles') called their bayonets swords. In case you were wondering.)

I've also been added to the blogroll of another fave of mine, M.D.O.D. Anyone stumbling here from there, or anywhere is more than welcome. Pull up a chair, help yourselves to the scotch. You might need it, if my especial brand of jaundiced rambling ain't to your taste.

Here's an example of what you can expect....

I'm feeling extra proud of meself, as it seems I've successfully cemented my rep as the ED eccentric. (This is only marginally less important to me than the nurses thinking I'm an acceptable doc. It's almost pathetic how much their approval means to me. Well, the senior ones, anyway...) I confirmed this on Friday last, when, having unfortunately split the crotch of my scrubs was forced to undertake emergent repairs, using a 2/0 Silk on a curved; with scrubs still in situ, as I was in resus at the time waiting for a gasper. While my assembled team clearly thought this was funny, none of them were surprised...

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Chrysalis Angel said...

I added you too Knifeman. I thought you'd abandoned blogdom for a while there. Glad you're back.