Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ev'ry Tiger In The Zoo Loves Little Tiger Sue

I promised I'd do this.
And, if I wait 10 minutes, it'll be tomorrow, and that'll be my posting done.

So... It's still the weekend, which I'm pretty happy about. Having had a day off yesterday, today feels like Sunday, and there is quiet joy in knowing that tomorrow is Sunday...ahhhh.

I'm currently home from a quiet night out, a product of my increasing age, but now safe back inside my bunker in Shroom Manor, a nice glass of port beside me. Oh, for a cigarette. I met with a dear old friend of mine tonight, one of my oldest from MedSchool, with whom I've shared some truly good times, and some truly awful ones. For the purposes of my blog he will be known as the CherryPicker. We had a few stand-up fights I'd rather forget, but I think we've both mellowed a little, and are better for it.

Anyway, he lives more or less just 'round the corner from me, and I was his best man (or one of them), but we still don't manage to see each other enough. So tonight was nice; it's always good to catch up with him, and reminisce about the old days. I discovered another of our old friends had put him on to my blog (thanks Colossus), but he was still unable to find it... This is despite it being fairly well telegraphed to my friends, if they're interested. I mostly suspect they aren't, they find it too creepy, like reading my diary, or they find it too boring.

Anyway... I promised him I'd write him up. Done and done, my cherrypickin friend.

He tells me he's going to the best restaurant in the world next year. Some 5 star place near Barcelona, I think. They're only open 6 months, and only take reservations on one day, for a 24 course, 4 hour meal. I believe I have found a new definition of the word pretentious. Further details will surely follow.

Lastly, musings on the anonymous nature of this blog. Just because. This was only ever semi-anonymous; using a picture of me saw to that. But I never thought anyone I knew would actually read it. Since clinical stories are all amalgams, I figured that was the confidentiality side sewn up... but nonetheless, part of the point should be an honesty to it. Which is difficult if my friends are reading this. It encourages self censoring. Having made the decision to make this semi public to my friends, I guess I'll always hold some stuff back, especially where it concerns people I think might actually read it. It's only fair.

But where I'm concerned... I'll try to be as honest as I can be, however dull/uncomfortable/**insert other emotion** that might be.

I return you now to your regular programmes, while I return, lovelorn, to my port and late night horror film...


cherrypicker said...

a recent review of el bulli in spain

RogerPf said...

As I recall that restaurant won the honour from the previous holder the Fat Duck at Bray.

Keep up at blog but take care 'straight from the heart blogging' can take its toll.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I recently had the experience of someone that knows me in RL reading my writings. It was an uncomfortable feeling, as I really write how I am. It's strange that it's easier in some ways, to write out there to total strangers, than it is to let people in that are right near us.