Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday's Gone

A little light relief?

I thought this was funny, but realise it's non-PC, and I'm kinda the wrong gender to comment. Make of it what you will.

First case of the day, an elderly fella, collapsed at the swimming pool. Arrest twice, RoSC twice. Arrived flat, with a suspicious ECG. Great flurries of activity. In the midst of this, one of the Cardiology magicians came down to echo the fella for us, and pronounce on whether a trip to the cath lab would be good for him.

My boss was directing affairs, and didn't know this (female) doctor. To remedy this situation he asked her:
"Sorry, what's your name, sweetie?"

Time froze, and the temperature dropped to absolute zero. Just for a second.
"It's Susan, NOT 'sweetie'"

'Wang': Normal activity resumed. My boss, for what it's worth calls us all 'sweetie'. I've got a lot of time for him.

The echo shows a poor LV function, but, probably, nothing new. No cath lab.

Before he leaves, my boss does a final, verbal, recap; to make sure all the jobs are being covered:
"So, Shroom, you'll do the NG; Bob's doing the foley; and Susan, formerly known as 'sweetie'..."

Exit, stage left, very pleased with himself.

Yes, I know it could be dreadfully patronising, and I've never had to put up with it, etc... so maybe from the other side of the fence it ain't so funny. Brightened up my day though...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mr Bojangles

Is everybody in..? Is everybody... in?

Let's have at it then. Yes, I'm back; for what it's worth. I've been suffering an extended period of writer's block, and haven't been able to summon the energy to blog for a while. I think I started this whole thing when I was unhappy, as a way to vent. Maybe I haven't needed to do that as much recently.

Anyways, sitemeter assures me a few of you still check in daily, tho the number is fallin'. I've no idea whether it's the same old crowd, or a bunch of randoms, but I guess I'll keep at it for a bit.

I'm increasingly convinced life moves in (?ever decreasing) circles. Just this week I've seen a fella top my list of 'colours I'm glad I'm not', and held a man's hand so he wouldn't die alone, when I couldn't do anything else...

And now, to work. More in a day or two, if you're interested.