Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mr Bojangles

Is everybody in..? Is everybody... in?

Let's have at it then. Yes, I'm back; for what it's worth. I've been suffering an extended period of writer's block, and haven't been able to summon the energy to blog for a while. I think I started this whole thing when I was unhappy, as a way to vent. Maybe I haven't needed to do that as much recently.

Anyways, sitemeter assures me a few of you still check in daily, tho the number is fallin'. I've no idea whether it's the same old crowd, or a bunch of randoms, but I guess I'll keep at it for a bit.

I'm increasingly convinced life moves in (?ever decreasing) circles. Just this week I've seen a fella top my list of 'colours I'm glad I'm not', and held a man's hand so he wouldn't die alone, when I couldn't do anything else...

And now, to work. More in a day or two, if you're interested.



Lizzie said...

Glad you are back. I guess I would be a "random newby" but I check back every so often trying to get my fix of medical care while I widdle away on disability. Thanks for keeping this lonely nurse in the loop!

jmb said...

I've got you on bloglines so knew you were back. Don't check daily so no stats due to me.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I guess I would fall into "or a bunch of randoms," I had about given up on you. I had just found you a short while back and have occasionally checked back. I like your blog. I'm going to place you on my blogroll - hope you don't mind, if you do just let me know. So many I've enjoyed have left blogdome. Glad to see you return.

Medblog Addict said...

Well, it's about damn time you started writing again. Can't wait to hear what you've been up to, sweetie.