Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How To Be Dead

I am particularly melancholic right now. A hard weekend, another week going by without a 'new me'. And now I'm watching a film with Sean Connery in it, wherein he seems to have been cast 20 years too old...

I need a drink. I think I'm out of scotch...

I had a hellish weekend. I composed several posts in my head during the course of it, all of which have flown by-the-by. Maybe a Dictaphone..?

Of the people I work with...
They are, by and large, a sterling bunch. 3 of my peers I am particularly fond of, and will be sad to lose them at the great rotation in May. Or maybe it's August... I forget. One, however, is increasingly showing their true colours as a bandit practitioner. The shady instances just keep mounting, and mounting.

I suspect the bosses know. I'm just not sure what we / they can do about it. I guess we all just work a bit harder? I think this particular colleague is moving on; and their human rights being as they are, I'm not sure we can tell anyone what a bandit they are, without being accused of prejudice, or bias, or something.

I always figured if you were shit, you were shit, and the sooner someone told you, the better? Not any more... it's always someone else's fault you weren't quite good enough.

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