Thursday, November 22, 2007

Errare Humanum Est

On top of a fairly tough week, I was confronted with one of my mistakes today.

Clearly, no-one likes to find they've made a mistake; I guess it's worse in this business. The magnitude of my error will become apparent with time, but no-one died, thank God, and no-one should. The sum total is probably an extra week of discomfort for someone, but... it could have been worse.

It probably does us good to realise once in awhile that we can never be too careful. I can add complacency to my list of failures of late.

I can only hope to reconstruct myself: better, stronger, faster...

We have the technology

(Although not to grow a 'tache...)


Anonymous said...

Is a 'tache big in the ED? Sorry to hear about the mishap, I myself was subject to a very unfortunate pen-loss incident today. Needless to say the consequences were not so severe...

Faith Walker said...

I was involved in a tragic incident this morning involving bacon in the canteen.

I took the high road, clearly and resorted to swearing at someone.

What can i say? She sucked her teeth at me- i was provoked!

DrShroom said...

Tache's only big during Mo'vember. Sadly, mine is toward the adolescent end of the spectrum
And it's alwayd good tae tak' the high road