Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And The Walls Came Tumblin' Down

I can not bear it...

Last night was not so bad. Better than my last nights. My colleague with whom I was to share the duty swapped out of it. So, flying solo again. Good.

Not too busy, but enough to keep time ticking over. And I feel like I did a reasonable job.

Until this morning, when an elderly fella with a whopper of a scalp lac provoked a good deal of flail. Turned out ok in the end, but I guess I won't be winning any plaudits for how cool I am.

And I was slightly disappointed with one of my SHOs. You know who you are, if you've found me. There has been an air of disquiet of late, as the juniors feel demoralised. Not getting to do enough, not getting enough exposure; fair enough. This job is becoming service orientated; but when the opportunity presents itself, shouldn't you take it? Or have we broken your spirit so, that you really don't care anymore?

We're doin' something wrong.

I still can't bear it.

Once again, we allowed ourselves to dare to dream. The England football (soccer...) team flattered to deceive, and we thought: 'maybe, just maybe...'

As I write, I see mortar flaking down around my ears...

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