Monday, November 26, 2007

9 Crimes

Another week, another set of nights. Yay!

I'll try to add to this s the night allows, but mostly I'm just tired now. Unable to sleep and probing my own emotional lability with re-runs of (what else) ER, and (surprisingly) Dr Who.

For now, I'm away to the gym to continue my 'fat bloke to 5K' challenge. Wish me luck. I'm upping my distance today, which may provoke an MI. Still, 18 days off the fags (again) and counting.

Yes I know this is a nothing post, but I'm still trying for one-a-day. I warned you drivel would feature....

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Chrysalis Angel said...

Good luck to you! I'll cheer you on. I have to remember the Brits and Americans use different names for the same thing. It can get confusing ya know? ;)