Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SSM - Studying "Some" Medicine?

While extending my roaming through the blogosphere, a word I dearly love, I have encountered a few MedStudent blogs. Harry talks about his choice of SSM. I am now such an old fart that I'm not sure exactly what this stands for. But I note that dissection is one of the choices.

One of the choices?

Now I really do feel old.

When did this become an option? I can't think of a better way to learn anatomy, and I can't think of a more important cornerstone to medical practice. Granted, I have a surgical bias, but I don't claim it is the most important... just that I can't think of anything that should stand above it.

So, having read the blog, I know realise it's 'Selected' Study Module. I still can't understand the rationale of allowing people not to choose dissection.

Bah Humbug.

And, I still can't grow a fucking Mo'.

Music Nazi recommends Most Likely You'll Go Your Way... by Bob Dylan - original or remix.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Shroom I'm honoured you mentioned me!

Well, unfortunatly my med school is one that has adopted prosection as its Anatomy teaching tool. Couple that to the fact that I'm 10 weeks in and have spent just one hour in the Anatomy room looking at those specimins (I'm not kidding) and a mediocre two week dissection SSM looks a very attractive option.

The sad thing is that there are just 64 places on the dissection course, and nearly 300 med students in my year...

I went to an extra-curricular Anatomy lecture from a former vice president of the royal college of surgeons last week whom expressed the same concerns, saying that Anatomy was becoming a subject of post-graduate teaching (which it shouldn't). I may only be a student but I feel exactly the same. If only they'd teach us some god damn medicine rather than all this psychosocial BS!

Shroom, you will be teaching generations of social workers for years to come at this rate...

Anonymous said...

It was Mr David Rosin. He was a good speaker though and well worth going to.