Thursday, November 15, 2007


A few things.

I haven't had time to blog about my glorious march to triumph in the ED talent show yet, but, oh yes, my brothers and sisters, it is coming.

I read with interest that November is NatBloPoMo... National Blog Posting Month. A post a day. Well, I don't know if this applies internationally, and I'll never manage it anyway, bu in the spirit, I'll try for 30 posts this month. Be prepared for some truly inane shit.

Mo' importantly, it's Mo'vemebr. A tradition I'd never heard of, which seems to have originated with my crazy Antipodean cousins. November has become the month to 'grow the Mo''. So there's a lot of unshaven ED staff wandering around right now.

For the facially follicly challenged, this seems terribly unfair - especially as that's basically me. But I've been kinda shamed into it, so have resigned myself to not only getting older this month, but looking ridiculous doing so.

Reports to follow...

(Oh, and I'm back off the fags! One week and counting...)

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