Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Today, I had a full blown rigor. One minute, I was fine: the next felt freezing, was shivering uncontrollably, and, I'm told exhibited pallor. My pulse was up a little, and my BP. My BM was normal, urine dip blameless. I had, and have no other symptoms.

A day spent sweating under a duvet seems to have restored me.

I don't engage in high risk practices.

I didn't enjoy it.

But I don't like not knowing why?

I hate being unwell. This makes only my second sick day in 12 years, but my temp was 39C, so I figured I was due.

I let you know if I die.


night tech said...

Hospital I worked for in the US (I was young and foolish) gave me a pen & pencil set for not using any sick time...

Better to stay home, stay warm with lots of hot tea and a good book.

Online Medical Transcription said...

Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.

night tech said...

No word for days now..
Did the virus win?

Worried on the Wet Coast.
(And lately it been too fucking wet)

anji said...

i was wondering the same thing night tech... was curious if he'd blog from beyond the grave, or not. That'd be quite a feat...

night tech said...

It's 0321h and the hospital computers have just come back up.
I've backentered all the lab results so no poor bastard has to read my handwriting.

My night has been stellar (feel the sarcasm).

I log on to see if any of my favorite bloggers have been up to anything and damn it're still missing in action!

Either the flu killed ya or you've gone and found something better to do rather than rant about the joys of working in the circus we call healthcare (trust me, Canada and the UK have a LOT in common)

AKA the "peanut gallery in BC"