Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 DSC Day 19

19: A Song From Your Favourite Album

I have had to fudge a bit here. Van Morrison's Astral Weeks is probably my favourite, or Let It Bleed, or Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out by The Stones.

They've both featured, so I'll default to my next favourite album: Let It Be
There are innumerable videos for this song out there, including a demo where Paul swears at the beginning that I found once, but never again, and one where some dude has overdubbed the two different guitar solos; but I like this version; under-produced, nice backing "ooo-ooo"s.... though if I'm honest I prefer the original (album) solo. It's... dirtier.
Go, seek, find

Edit: Persistance does pay, it would seem, although my memory isn't what it was apparently. A demo with heavy vocals, bass and swearing, at about 1:54.
So not the beginning; and not Paul either, I think. I'm pretty certain this is the 'rude' version I remember, since that's what I remember him saying.
Anyway. One for the geeks.


night tech said...

Can't fault any of those three options. I'd say you're well on the way to redeeming yourself with dignity after sharing the Sugarbabes ;)

(I'm guessing you're fed up with my editorial comments by now?)

DrShroom said...

Not at all; nice to know there's someone on the other side, as it were. ;)

DrShroom said...

Really dreadful shift.
Meddtech, I'll post over the w/e. Something for all regs, but specially for 'tech ( or do you prefer 'Med'?); La Tech has been my most constant supporter from the Peanut Gallery, and deserves mentions in dispatches, if only for enduring the 30 Day Song Challenge

night tech said...

Call Me Anything You Want, Just Don't Call Me Late for Dinner.

Sorry to hear about the shitty shift, your job does come with serious suckage.
Listen to good music, read a good book, vent/rant.