Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best vs Worst

No further rigors, no idea what the source was. Slightly worried I'm harbouring something nasty... but declined investigation so I guess I have to lie in my own bed.

Increasingly find myself gripped by malaise, and dark feelings of hopelessness, which is somewhat self-indulgant considering my situation versus how it could be.

Anyway, blame that for this post.

In general, I have a low opinion of humanity. Essentially, I don't think we're as far removed from the beasts as we like to think we are. Left to our own devices, I think most people will happily crap on their fellow man, if it's to their own advantage.

Altruism, generosity seem to me to be the exception.

La Belle Fille firmly believed quite the opposite; she does have a bright shining soul though. She may be right.

I suspect my job biases me.

Certainly LBF rarely encounters stuff like this: I was wary of telling this story, because it's sensitive, but I've seen it reported in the Daily Mail, which I think makes it common domain.

A young man died recently, and he probably didn't have to. Maybe it was his time, but he was awful young. He fell into a pond. The Mail reports he had an history of blackouts; I heard seizures. Semantics, really. If you were very uncharitable, you could argue someone with that history should probably stay away from unfenced bodies of water unsupervised. I assume he was alone.

I could be wrong.

Anyway, he fell in the pond, and was unable to get himself out, likely because he was unconscious. It took 25 minutes to get him out. No-one would go in after him.

The Mail is quick to chastise the EMS, whose bosses won't let them go in, in situations like this.

But someone called the ambulance. People stood about and watched. No-one, no-one even tried to get him out.

Stood and watched him die.

Music Nazi recommends Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label.

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night tech said...

Run a Lactate on yourself, and an ESR.

the miracle tests (and again sarcasm)

Seriously though, I think anyone in this business either comes into it with, or soon develops, a cynical attitude towards humanity.

The solution I have found is to try, usually with little success, to adhere to the Buddhist Eightfold Path.

And no I'm not in any way religious....but if it works for Leonard Cohen, it's worth a try.