Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 DSC Day 3

3: Song That Makes You Happy

Marvin and Tammi: Ain't No Mountain...


night tech said...

Mowtown...The Detroit Sound.

How old are you?

Off topic comment/question/rant:

Just found out tonight that I scare one of our Er Docs. Poor guy's afraid to ask me questions??? Granted I can be a bit physically daunting, big hair, big voice, big tits ;) and I am well known not to suffer fools gladly (if at all) but lets be real.

I'm the fucking Lab Tech,
or Biomedical Scientist, or Clinical Laboratory Scientist,(depending on the Country in question)the freaking hired help.

You guys make the big money.
Are Lab folks really that scary?

word verification: boopy

DrShroom said...

I don't find lab techs esp. scary, regardless of hair volume, but I try to get along with everyone... Maybe the doc is easily spooked?
I'm 37, but for some reason like my music to pre date me... Go figure
Word: maningly

night tech said...

You've not come knocking on my lab door 1/2 hour before my shift ends, handing me a CSF to process....and then be foolish enough to ask me how long it will take to do the cell count. 8(

Anachronistic music taste, I'm there.
Speaking of,
did you give a listen to the Neil Young track.

word: vellions
what the hell is a vellion?