Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 DSC Day 15

15: A Song That Describes You.

Another one I'm prepared to edit.
Describes vs. sums up.

Comments please.

It's a funky song, anyway....

I've added a live version. The live vid has several details in it that I just love. You'll know when you see 'em; the Devil is in the detail.


night tech said...

Definitely not qualified to comment on this one. Always figured it takes at least one drunken late night debate before you can claim to know someone ;)

Do agree its a funky song.

Like the new colour scheme....minimalist yet functional.

DrShroom said...

Well, I think I'm fairly predictable (obvious)
Not sure about the new scheme yet; keeps buggering the layout up....

night tech said...

Hate to burst your bubble. All men think they're obvious, trust me, it ain't so.

Google reader wouldn't let me post reply. Had to post through blog comments? (Could just be my phone)