Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 DSC Day 10

10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep.

Don't really have any of those.
I could fall asleep to this one though. Achingly beautiful.


night tech said...

You've stumped me!

Her voice sounds familiar but I've not heard of Fairport Convention?

DrShroom said...

Fairport: British folk-rockers from the 60s/70s. Her name is Sandy Denny; also sang with Strawbs and Fotheringay, and under her own name I think. Died young after falling downstairs...

patientanonymous said...

Hi Shroomy,

Long time no visit, but I saw more blog-go-round, linkety-linkety, so I definitely felt I'd better check in. Still, it's been so long. *hangs head in guilt*

I was completely confused by this post, and "DSC?" Then, a YouTube? Then, more beforehand with lower numbers? I do know you like to play a lot of music here, but you don't (not that I know of), usually number things.

So, go back, look at other posts, and AHA! Meme!

Oh, what of memes? I meme'd myself first on my blog, just so nobody else could nail me! I wanted to get it over over and done with ASAP! I still ended up getting nailed later on, but fine.

You know how I feel about music by streaming things on MP3 of the Moment! If you don't know how I feel about memes, not so fond. So, this is a real toughie.


Also, even though I'm blogrolled here, I'm not sure if you're keeping up with me. Not a bother, and not the issue, here. I just wanted to ask if you read my post on "Night Eating Syndrome." You may be interested?

Thanks, love.

night tech said...

Once again music from before my time.
Googled her/interesting, she was the 'voice' on Battle of Evermore.

Found myself facinated watching botoxed talking head on American TV this afternoon. Surreal. Maybe I need more sleep?