Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge 1

This is going to be problematic, looking at the list; there's considerable overlap in my choices / options, and i"m not sure I can answer them all.


Day 1: Fave song.

Currently... Joplin's Little Girl Blue.

So beautiful it unmans me every time I hear it.


night tech said...

So far I'm impressed.
I have in my collection more than 1 Joplin LP (vinyl) from back in the day.

Lets see what you come up with on Day 09 ;)

DrShroom said...

Well now...I CAN dance to anything; whether I SHOULD is a different matter

night tech said...

You might like Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See.

DrShroom said...

Interesting; has a Velvets vibe to it... might check out the rest of their stuff.

night tech said...

Pretty good taste for a fungi.
Good obs re Lou and the boys.

Lots more good music where that came from.
Am enjoying this chat immensley.

Is your choice in reading material as eclectic?

Bed now...2 more nights, a whole day off, then 5 afternoons. Who says I'm antisocial, just work too damn much ;)

DrShroom said...

Reading matter debatable; tried to log it on the blog, but never quite got caught up...
Not reading so much at the mo, and tend to gravitate between textbooks, non fiction (space race, war, medical history &c.) and schlocky fiction.
Actually, it's reasonably eclectic...