Saturday, June 14, 2008

They Seek Him Here...

Christ. I really have been away for a few weeks. I, again, resolve to try to post more often, which, if you're still reading probably counts as good news.
For a certain value of 'good'.
And 'news'.

Anyway... one of my erstwhile readers, a proper doctor, not an honourary schmuck like me, has suggested a link between my real life and post frequency. He's more or less right. Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

So; an update. Non-clinical flail first.

Spent my time off NOT doing the hundred things I'd promised myself I would, so my car remains unserviced, and the kitchen unpainted. I did however spend some grand times in Wales, first with a bunch of citric types, then on a stag do.

Things I have learned include:
--It's not as easy as it seems to teach someone cannulation when your both blind drunk
-- It's not as easy as you think to find Welsh Lamb in Wales
--It's not as easy as you think to find Welsh People in Wales
--When you do find them, if you are a group of braying English boys in formal evening wear, they may not be quite as welcoming as you'd hoped
--My friend's definition of an 'easy mountain bike ride' is very far removed from my own...

Also managed some quality time with la belle fille. We exchanged parent's meets, which generally seemed to go ok. Although she's already told me her ma keeps her counsel about any perceived unsuitability until the offender is off the scene, so we'll see. Got into her da's good books by first, simultaneously, championing the GPs and belittling the Government (which is frankly all too easy these days...), then showing off my slightly geeky Dylan knowledge. (He's a Bobcat)

Charming my folks was easy for la belle; firstly she's charming and beautiful, so who wouldn't be? but also, I think they're just happy to see me with a woman. I suspect my Ma's granny clock is ticking, and my cousin's are siring offspring with almost unseemly haste...

Anyway, all seems well on this front, even as I test the limits of the embargo.

My friend survived his time on the Unit, and I embarrassed myself, just a little, in my effusive joy at seeing him again. I'm beginning to think there's such a thing as too much hugging; and another set of friends, citric again, have brought forth more of the next gen. All is good in the world.

Work has been... interesting. Our obsession with times continues, and has provoked at least one thing I never thought I'd see - management rolling their sleeves up and helping out. Pushing beds, no less. My annual assessment draws near, and as ever, my non-clinical portfolio is a bit anemic. We'll see.... I get to combine the 'hearing' with a string of nights, so stay tuned to see if I get to keep my job.

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