Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm A Mr, Too

Belligerent Shroom; Brief post; Apologies.

Nights have been and gone, surprisingly quietly. The only evidence they were ever there are a few straightened ankles, and the disruption to my body clock.

One of Shroom's good friends has found her life goin' a little bit sour. Through no fault of her own, but because one of her housemates lacks social integration skills. I can't pretend to be in his head, and it's true that every story has two sides, but he seems to have a crush, for want of a better word, on her. And is having trouble adjusting to the fact that his feelings are not reciprocated.

I know how that feels, so feel I can offer the following advice: tough shit, Paddy.

Life is full of disappointment; how we deal with it is one of the ways in which we measure ourselves. There will always be things we can't have, people we think we love who don't love us back. And of course it hurts. Nothing is more frustrating than unrequited 'love'; I've been there more times than I care to remember - witness 'The Girl', who used the word 'horrified' to describe her thoughts on the matter; my feelings for her have been put into perspective by La Belle Fille - which makes me a very lucky Shroom.

But if you're not so lucky? Suck it up, buddy. Acting like an arse doesn't do much for your stock.

Words may have to be exchanged.

(On a lighter note, and to see if you're still reading: 3 words - Kung Fu Panda. Or is that 2....)

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Chrysalis Angel said...

It is sad. That puts her in an awful spot too. Hope things improve.