Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Sorry?

In trying to post more frequently, while lacking the intellectual prowess to hold forth in a meaningful way about the big stories of the day, one runs the risk of running short of inspiration.

While casting about, I elected to see from whence my visitors come...

Most unusual referrer goes to whomever elected to use Google Australia to answer the query 'How is knee fucking done?'.

I have no idea why you'd wanna know, or indeed how they ended up here.

Food for thought? Nights await, so maybe some more laughs to share tomorrow.


Dragonfly said...

Bloody Australians! Crikey, they're all mad! :-)

Sid Schwab said...

When in training in San Francisco, I saw a very nicely produced magazine, FFA. In the US, the more common acronym is that of Future Farmers of America. This one, however, had a number of high quality photos of guys, and cans of Crisco, and fists... The magazine was given me by what I might guess would be a former member, in that I'd just done a colostomy on him, for a traumatic rectal tear.

I get a lot of visits to my site because of a couple of posts: one, on my first malpractice suit, was titled "Losing my virginity." Another, on the venereal diseases I saw when in the military in Southeast Asia, was titled "Dirty sex and soldiers."