Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ionising Radiation

Nice to know that even eminent colleagues, like Dr Schwab, get odd visitors too.

A few pictures, I think. My night is slow, or was until I jinxed my self by writing that...

A personal triumph

The cast is perhaps not as well molded as it might have been, but I enjoyed the reduction.

An oddity:

Fell off the sofa apparently; was advised, over the phone, to ice it...

And lastly, a little sadness...

The images show CT of the brain, with the upper view showing a monstrous intra-parenchymal bleed - the white area inside the grey. An blood clot of truly epic proportions, within the very substance of the brain, and forcing its way into all the intimate nooks and crannies.

The coronal view was part of a CT arteriogram, so the bleed is less obvious, but is the ill defined light grey mass in the centre / centre right of the image.

The risks of anticoagulation; while we stop your cells clumping together, sometimes the fabric of a vessel just goes, and a claret spill of this magnitude is bad news for everyone. This came, as they invariably do, out of the blue, with no warning. Moaning about poor quality Saturday night telly one minute, flat out the next.

Welcome to DrShroom's Misery Bus.

He never woke up; they rarely do. NeuroSurg suggested that even if they could scoop it all out, there'd be no recovery. Risky surgery to end up locked inside yourself, not moving, not speaking... I'd rather not, myself.

If this wasn't sad enough, none of his family could be with him. The chance he might not see another dawn was a chance they, for whatever reason, were prepared to take...

Though I guess, in the final analysis, when it's our time, we all go alone. It's just a shame to see it.

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Sid Schwab said...

In the first set of xrays one might say you've been reduced to bragging.

The last is pretty sad.