Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Raging against the dying of the light

Well, almost time for me to put my head down and see if my SHOs can cope without me. Not much has happened. The fella with the unique pheromones is in under the care of the Magicians, and I've just pulled the (very) bent femur of a little old lady for the KiddieStraighteners. I wanted to include a pic of the radiograph, but can't quite work out how to make it small enough.

This is my favourite time to be in hospital; it's quiet, and the semi darkness gives the dreary grubby hallways an almost magical feel to them. It's somehow satisfying to be going about my business while the rest of the world sleeps. You see odd things - strange little vignettes of life. Odd machines, that look as tho' they date from the War are wheeled around, emitting little flashes of green light, and beeping mournfully. There's never quite enough coffee.

Enough. I must rage against the croup with a 3 year old. Time to look God in the eye, and see who blinks first. While I'm gone, try the following to keep you amused:

  1. Cats that look like Hitler
  2. Dogs that look like bees
  3. People who own very patient cats

Lastly, without wishing to sound like a corporate whore:

Those of you with a desire to experience the thrills of an African safari in glorious Tanzania, could do worse than to look up a good friend of mine. He's a redhead, but don't hold that against him.

Good night, and may your God go with you.

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