Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The morning after the night before

Well, the rest of the night passed uneventfully. Polish man had indeed had an heart attack, and I am now wracked with guilt that I didn't thrombolyse him, when perhaps I should have done. It shouldn't take long for me to find out. Shit flows downhill at a surprising speed. Now I am free to enjoy my day off. This day off, you will note, has so far consisted of me being at work from midnight til 8 am, and then grabbing a few hours shuteye. The NHS is the only organisation I know that has the audacity to call a day in which you have worked 8 hours, a day off. For most people 8 hours is a full working day; just because these 8 hours were part of a 14 hour shift and were the first 8 hours of the day, shouldn't matter. I would be interested to see the reaction of some of our managerial staff if they were made to work 8 hours on their days off (say from 4pm to midnight...)

Enough griping; I have work to do... it's my day off, y'know

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What is NHS?