Friday, November 10, 2006

More tea..?

It's all I seem to drink these days. I think it's giving up the fags, frankly. (40 days and counting, since you're asking)
I finally do have a day off tomorrow, in anticipation of my working the weekend. This will be a real day off, as opposed to my pseudo day off I grumbled so much about recently. Today I saw my first dislocated knee, which was less than pleasant for the owner of the knee, but I'm pleased to report we relocated it with no difficulty. On the bad day side of things, I had a disagreement with my boss about the management of a patient. This is never good, especially when you think you're right. Fortunately the resident magician took the case, and saved me from having to flat out disagree with the boss. I now have to find the evidence to back up my belligerence, or apologise. The Shroom is not quite as good as he should be at saying sorry; and Lord knows I've had enough opportunity.
Maybe you can't teach an old fungus new tricks?
The patient is doing well, by the way, all politics notwithstanding

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