Friday, November 17, 2006

Another one down, part two

So it's gone. I have watched the clock tick away the seconds and it's not my birthday any more. I feel like I missed it this year. Bah, humbug.
Anyway; the night has been interestingly busy, until now. I have had some spectacularly slow Juniors on with me, and been more than a bit lazy myself. But the way seems clear now, which is why I'm on here.
I'm slightly grumpy and agitated because a case report I'm trying to write appears to have spiralled out of control, and developed a life of its own. I've lost track of the number of papers I've read in preparation, and appear to have found all sorts of facts and figures one furious, delirious night... which of course, I now can't find. Somewhere out there is the evidence I need. The Shroom will get published.

Having perused some of my medical colleagues efforts, I'm slightly disappointed I don't have anything more profound, or serious to add; makes me feel a bit of a fraud really. Especially as I feel like I have plenty to contribute. But actually I'm just like a backbench M.P. making plenty of noise, but all of it actually bollocks.

I'm still frustrated about what the government is doing to health care. They insist more money is being plumbed into it, but I don't see where it's all going. Emergency Medicine seems like a speciality under threat to me; if time is your most important marker (all hail the 4 hour target), then clinical care is at risk of being sidelined. Some days I don't feel like I do any medicine at all. I'm just a well qualified triage monkey. Cutting back junior docs hours and their responsibility delivers ill trained, under prepared junior doctors to a system that doesn't have time to teach them. Or worse, doesn't have room for them. It makes me sick. The body politic of the junior doctor should be amongst the most powerful in the land. And yet all we seem to do is get reamed by the Govt.
Happy Birthday.

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