Tuesday, April 05, 2011

30 DSC Day 24

24: A Song You Want Played At Your Funeral

Another one that gave me cause to think. Quite fancied the organ version of Can't Always Get What You Want from The Big Chill.
If you're confused, go find the film, and watch it; you won't be disappointed, and you can play 'Spot Kevin Costner' while you're at it.
Anyway. I chose this.
(There is another live version on YouTube, but I wasn't keen on the sound quality, and this one coincides with the intro to one of my favourite films...)

1 comment:

night tech said...

'turned cart­wheels ‘cross the floor. I was feel­ing kinda sea­sick, but the crowd called out for more...'

I'm beginning to suspect you must be a movie geek as well...only way you'd be able to find some these obscure versions you seem able to pull out of thin air.
Not bad at all.