Saturday, April 02, 2011

30 DSC Day 21

21: A Song You Listen To When Happy.

Add your own punchline.

Happy or sad, this song always cheers me up; another great talent gone too soon.


night tech said...

Tech approved.
Pleasant tune to wake up to on a Saturday morn.

Good to know you have a happy soundtrack!

DrShroom said...

Glad you approve. Nick Drakes stuff is bittersweet, I think, but this album, Bryter Later seems the most cheery. The most over produced, too, for that matter.
Pink Moon makes great Sunday morning listening, but worries me that it may be a cry for help, unanswered.
White Bicycles by Joe Boyd covers the time interestingly

night tech said...

Have not read White on my 'to be read' list.

What I've heard of Nick Drake's stuff I like, do agree he tends to sounds bittersweet though it could just be hindsight. Not familiar enough to debate merits of specific abums.