Sunday, April 03, 2011

30 DSC Day 22

22: A Song You Listen To When You're Sad.

Too many to count, but this is an oldy, one I used to over-lsten to mourning the break-up of a relationship.
I can still smell her perfume when I hear this song. I think (hope) she's happy now. Most of my exes seem to be. Maybe I'm a pit stop on the road to happiness.

Yes, I know, I'm wallowing


night tech said...

Beautiful sad song. Surprising that you would choose something contemporary. (relatively speaking)

Stop wallowing or I'll slap you silly ;)

DrShroom said...

I am trying;it just seems to be a bit difficult right now

DrShroom said...

(And I do like a few contemporary songs... just not that many. And they need to be guitar based. Mostly...)


night tech said...

I'm suspecting that there are a few things that are not happening the way you'd planned right now. Life, work, only you know the does suck being a grown up. (anyone who told you different was lying)

I'm a pretty good listener; not sure if you want/need someone to talk to, someone to kick you in the ass....or maybe just big hugs ;)

night tech said...

(I'm thinking we both missed the really good music by about 20 years)

Have been listening to Emmy Lou Harris: Wrecking Ball in the VW on the drive in to work. Way too maudlin for you right now!

night tech said...

Are you doing OK....worried I may have offended....foot in mouth disease.

You do seem to go into a bit of a funk after a call shift.

DrShroom said...

I'm ok. In a general funk at the mo', but nothing to do with you, never fear! Thanks for looking out for me tho!

Word: preachi (!)

night tech said...

Trying to come up with something to cheer you at work, in the middle of the night, bored silly.

Getting paid obscene amount to play on computer and drink tea.

Can't even play scrabble on facebook, hospital firewalls screw with it.

night tech said...

After spending the last 7 hours being lulled into a coma by the gentle rocking of the platelet agitator(I usually park it in Blood Bank)it occurred to me that you must be on the way on to work about now.

Don't let the bastards get you down!

And good morning.

Bored to distraction in BC.

night tech said...

Oops, should've said:

"illegitimi non carborundum"

...don't let the bastards grind you bad.

Seriously, reread what you've written about your call shifts! Your current workplace is toxic. It's not you!

Missing your relentless music Nazism ;)

night tech said...

Back on nights...fucking bored @ work again.

Have noticed that your friends are getting worried about you as well.
Alex, come on, if you don't talk to someone about what's going on it will just fester. Might be easier for you to put it in writing.

You know you've got to work through the crap that's fucking with your head. Yes, it's probably the shite at work that's tipped the balance, but I know you've been a wee bit friable as of late. Let it's not supposed to be easy, but if you just suppress it it will come back to bite you in the arse.

Let this be your virtual sternal rub (G rated version)....trying hard to get some sort of reaction out of you to make sure you're still alive! (go ahead and tell me to fuck off if that makes you feel any better)