Friday, April 15, 2011

19th Nervous Breakdown

I'm afraid it has all caught up with me. Maybe you do have to hit rock bottom. I think I may have done just that.

Whether I can climb back up again...

Time will tell.

For now, I have been fired in the crucible, and found wanting.

I'm sorry.

I hope it doesn't end this way...


night tech said...

Suspected this was in the works....please take care.
Big hugs.

Anything I can do to help let me know. (Seriously, I've been there, anything)


Dr Jon said...

Dude, any time you want to head south, and really get away from it all, you are always welcome here

Rissa said...

\(^w^)/ <-- hug.

Anonymous said...

You have no need to be sorry- you just need to realise just how much people around you care about you and want to see you well and happy. Please take care....

Ellen said...

Please take care of yourself. For however long it takes, using all the resources available to you. And please don't be too embarrassed to ask for help when you need it.

(Been there, done that.)

patientanonymous said...

Hi hon,

Do you have an email address that you'd be willing to share with me?

I've gone through all of my contacts, and I don't see anything that looks like you. Further, I don't think you and I have emailed before.

There is something I want to tell you. Tears are coming to my eyes just thinking about it (again.)

It is personal, it is about me, and it is something from the patient's side. Well, a perspective from me, being the patient.

You know why I have always admired you as a physician--even if we're an ocean apart, and I can't see you! If you don't know, I'll have to remind you. However, I will only do it here: patientanonymous (at) gmail (dot) com

That reminding is important, but my story that I want to tell you is, as well. It's not that pretty a story, but it may be a parallel. At least somewhat.

That's why I want you to hear it. Because you won't feel so alone. And maybe neither will I?

Please email me.


patientanonymous said...

Okay, I'm not awake as I haven't started tea yet. Scroll, scroll, scroll...I found it.

I'll try to get it off to you ASAP. Kind of longish, but again, I want you to know.


colossus said...

Your friends are worried about you.
If you dont answer your phone maybe you will respond to this. We have all been their and made it through to the other side but it requires you to open up in life not just online!

colossus said...

Finchy your friends are worried about you. If you dont answer your phone maybe you will respond to this. We have all had dark times and made it through. You have to open up to people in real life not just online. There are plenty of peole who want to help if you will let them.

colossus said...

Sorry for posting twice. Would like to say it was for dramatic effect but actually I was just being a muppet

RedSaz said...

Just want to second what Colossus said (and not just about him being a muppet).

We're all here, and if you don't/feel you can't talk to us then what about one of those clever GPs?

Big love

DrShroom said...

Thanks all; Colossus IS a muppet, but he is right... At least about this.
I have it in hand.



night tech said...

Deffo pleased (pathetically so)to note you "have it in hand". Lack of qualifier, positive or otherwise, noted!

You will work through it, takes time, be patient; this I do know from experience.

The weather gods smiled on me this weekend...It was sunny & warm, I was off...if only I had been able to sleep at night ;)

night tech said...

Sent this to your email listed at the bottom of the page but not sure if you read it...too good to overlook.

Not sure if you're into this kind of thing but this puts it all into perspective for me...

breathtaking; beautiful.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you always stay strong

anji said...

The problem with the "helper" position is sometimes you need to become the "helpee". It happens in a lot of fields and I find it comes a lot to people with good hearts. If that has any bearing on anything, it means you're a good person :P


Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"Time will tell."

So true. Hoping that you still update this blog of yours, though. God speed!

Peny@nurse uniform

discountmedicalsupplies said...

Take care always and God Bless you.