Monday, April 04, 2011

30 DSC Day 23

23: A Song You Want Played At Your Wedding.

Well... another long list, but this my favourite, right now. (And that doesn't break my no duplicates rule)
Not sure I'd get away with it...

Imagine my surprise when I found this version...


night tech said...

Again you've managed to put a smile on my face first thing in the morning ;)

Gotta love the Barry White. Any woman that wouldn't let you play that song at your wedding abviously doesn't share your tastes in more things than just music.

Hope you're having a better week at work. I'm heading back in myself after 4 off...fucking afternoons why am I up so early???

word: ovendk
on sale this week at Ikea

night tech said...

Little more awake now....have had coffee and read for a bit.

Think I'd like to hear Astral Weeks at my wedding.

Just my $0.02 CAD worth.


word: ephyd
prefer caffein myself

DrShroom said...

Glad to get a smile; Astral Weeks splendid choice; everyone should have to listen to it once.
A good friend walked down the aisle to She's A Rainbow, by the Stones