Friday, January 15, 2010

Holding The Hot Potato

Being the right man, or woman, in the right place, at the right time... sometimes isn't a good thing.

When Shroom did a brief stint as a Plastic Surgeon, we rotated the days on call on a weekly basis, and the nights nightly. So this meant one week in 5 was pretty Hellish, but that the others allowed for concentrating on elective work, on learning.

But, if you'd just done the day on call and the night guy didn't show... well you were holding the bleep. Right person, right place, etc. No-one really tried very hard to find alternate cover, and damn the fact that it meant you pulling a day-night-day 36 hour shift.

I came in early today to cover a colleague's illness. Internal Cover. A stroke of genius by the NHS. The first thing Ol' Bosso said to me when he saw me concerned the fact that Ill Colleague was due on the weekend as well... he was quick to add that he wasn't telling me this to nudge me in the direction of covering... but: right man, right place.

I was supposed to see LBF this weekend, but not till Saturday arvo, so work can only rob us of a few hours this time.

And, at least this time I'm getting paid for carrying the potato.

(Actually, since I'm only doing Saturday, it's only half a potato really)

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