Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bleak, Bleak, Bleak.... Happy

Another flying visit to La Belle Fille.

We went to see The Road, an unremittingly bleak piece, until the very end. I haven't read the book, but can't help but wonder if the (admittedly only slightly) upbeat ending was influenced by Hollywood.

Or am I just too cynical?


precordialthump said...

It is a surprisingly upbeat ending for a Cormac McCarthy book - the movie is pretty true to the original.

Read 'Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West' if want want no semblance of hope or redemption at the end... (incredible book nevertheless).

StorytellERdoc said...

I read voraciously, and my wife told me to pass on this one, since my son and I are very close,especially after he spent two years of his life on chemo. So I'll pass the movie, too. Thanks...