Monday, January 04, 2010

The Flail

An unremarkable day at work; started quiet, busied up. The usual. A couple of ectopics being shown round the Dept by one of the Bosses; not sure who they were, or what they do, but I suspect some form of management involvement - another attempt to streamline the Dept, ignoring the bleeding obvious: that we need more space and staff.

At home, my NikePlus kit continues to frustrate me; since my first sensor went dead and I changed it for another, iTunes now seems incapable of linking with NikePlus, refusing me the ability to log my pathetic attempts at running.

I know it's petty, but I need the visual record of what I've managed to help motivate me.

Ah, it's a hard life.

Still no ciggies, btw.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Congratulations, you're one day closer to having no further lung damage. Good job.

anji said...

awesome job on the ciggies, keep it up! And, you will really see the improvement with running. I've never smoked but I am training with a partner and we're both going into the army. She's a smoker and she's been complaining about her lungs and the smoking and how much she can tell the difference, when she doesn't. So, she's quitting too as we speak.

Chin up! Hope you figure out your luddite issues... Im' in the same boat :) Technologically challenged.