Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anger Management

I occasionally have issues with my temper; this mostly manifests itself in the form of sweary ranting. I returned to work on Monday after a week off, following my last exciting night wherein there was a catastrophic breakdown of the the therapeutic relationship.

This led to an assault on my person, and some inconvenience to my life in general, and has not pre-disposed me to feel good about my fellow humans. Which is unfair. I had a disagreement with one individual, not everyone; but I have found myself more grumpy than usual.

While I feel happy that I have dealt with how I feel about last week's incident, it seems that my subconscious may disagree. I capped my day off by performing a substandard manipulation on a distal radius fracture, requiring me to ask for assistance from the Orthopods; I was then fortunate to meet possibly the rudest Orthopod I have ever come across.

Which is saying something.

I realise it's not fun for them to have to remanipulate a fracture I should have done better with, but surely everyone has an off day?

Or maybe, just maybe I'm being a bit over-sensitive and grumpy.

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Tina said...

rude orthopods are best ignored. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about, I'm living with one ...