Sunday, January 03, 2010

Giving Up

I'm trying to give up smoking, again; I don't really want to, but know I should. So I'll probably fail... but we'll see.

It's strange what we will give up, and what we won't, and our reasons behind it. We all make sacrifices of one type or another, and sometimes, I suppose I can't be alone in this, look back and wonder if it was all worthwhile. Have other people made the same choices as I have? Have they had too? Or did they just make better ones?

I don't know. I know how I have justified the choices I have made to myself, and they always made sense at the time, but sometimes, in the dark, alone, 10 years down the line... I'm not so sure.

Morecheerfully, had a grand old dinne with LBF last night, and managed not to act like a twat. The next big choices to make will have to be made together, which represents a departure for me.

Wish me luck.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Good luck on all fronts.

Kicking smoking is a hard thing to do, but you can do it. Get past those first few weeks, and just keep redirecting yourself in those weak moments, pretty soon - you'll realize you haven't even thought about it. You'll save money too!

sandnsurf said...

Hardest thing I ever had to do..but it definitely got easier each time.

Finally success after 24 attempts - well worth the effort


Anonymous said...

My mother died of lung cancer from smoking. Visit the oncology ward - it might be a motivator. Give it up.

Anonymous said...

Good luck.