Thursday, January 17, 2008

What If You Knew Her, And Found Her Dead On The Ground...


Off work at the moment, which should enable me to fill this with exciting tales of my glamourous life.

No such luck. I've spent the time so far revising for a (mock) exam, which I had yesterday; it passed off without incident, which was nice.

So... no news. With ref to my previous post, and regarding the 'Name That Disease' puff piece, I was initially put out not to score full marks. I only got one wrong, and that was an ambiguous q about male STDs (humph...); however, full marks accords you 'Doogie Howser' status. (feel free to deploy Google at this point...)

Whilst I can't really be arsed to enter a long discussion about how wrong I think it is to pop Doogie at the head of the table, it plainly is. So, I'm happy being HawkEye.

In defiance of my friend and colleague, The CherryPicker, I continue to promote musical "flannel". I have recently encountered The Rolling River Band. Can't hardly recommend them enough. Elements of Dylan, Young, Springsteen, Cohen and Waits. Maybe. Anyway, they sound grand. If your feeling a bit folky, also seek out King Creosote. I dare you...

Get involved, get amongst it, it's all happening....

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