Thursday, January 24, 2008

Late Night Ramblings

So, I'm on health kick (again). Not know, you understand. Now I'm listening to Miles Davis and John Coltrane, while drinking scotch and smoking cigarettes.

But, I'm trying (again) to get off the fags. Patches and gum have proved ineffective in the past, tho I suspect that has more to do with my lack of willpower. I'm currently on Zyban (buproprion) and am hoping this will compensate for my lack of will power, while not turning me yellow or making me commit suicide.

So, for the first few weeks, I have to keep smoking to give the drugs a chance to kick in. This has coincided with me having time off, so I've had no excuse not to smoke. Can I smoke? Like a fiend I can. (Apologies to Bill Hicks' estate)

What I have started doing again, is going to the gym. Frustratingly, I do feel better after a run. Maybe there is something in endorphins, after all. I find my gym vaguely amusing. Or rather, the people there, mostly because I find it difficult to take them seriously. I imagine they think the same of me, especially since I'm so vain I'm always checking myself out in the full length mirrors (well I haven't got one at home), and have discovered the fun I can have blow drying my hair. (Can you say bouffant?)

My other new trick is forgetting bits of my kit. In the last week, I have left 2 pairs of trainers behind. The club's lost property policy is to sweep it up and throw it away. The first pair of trainers wasn't too much of a loss - they were old, smelled funny, and probably had body fluids deep in their fundament. The second pair, bought to replace the first, natch, lasted two visits before I forgot 'em. Actually I'm not too upset. I was beginning to dislike the look of them. They cost me £20, which is a pain, but I actually consider it small beans in trainer terms.

I have recently started reading Mousie's blog. I commend it. She thinks the same way I do, and expresses things I wish I'd thought of far more eloquently. I think I'd like working with Mousie.

I recommend, especially :

Steep Learning Curve I and II

This is My Life

Things I Hate

The first two are serious, the last light hearted. I really loved the things I hate post. I get good vibes from Mousie.

I'm concerned I'm coming across a bit like a Mouse Stalker... sorry, but it's good to find kindred spirits out here.

Anyway, I'm on a 5 night stretch from tomorrow, so hope to have some tales to tell.


Mousie said...

I have a stalker!! I must have made it!!

Unfortunately, I fear that if we worked together we'd be continually playing practical jokes on one another, smoking behind the bike sheds and fighting for the most post-worthy cases...

Thanks a lot for the endorsement; and right back atchya.

M xx

Faith Walker said...

As you know, I too am on a health kick- an enforced one that I don't really want that involves nothing that gives me any joy anymore.

I'm glad you haven't committed suicide yet- but i'm not sure zyban will totally eliminate your need for willpower- you might still need a little?

I'm going cold turkey now- and I ruined it already by smoking half a cigarette last night.

Nurse K said...

But, I'm trying (again) to get off the fags.

Hilarious and scandalous to American ears...

Medblog Addict said...

The gym, huh? Hmmm. Interesting.

Torsade said...

Cool blog :)