Monday, January 21, 2008


My life outside medicine continues to throw very few exciting or memorable stories. Who'd have thought one man's quest to be a bit more domesticated would be so dull?

This weekend allowed me a bit more Lemon exposure. It's hard to define the Lemons, as they are an eclectic bunch. The common denominator, I guess, is that they are all good people, and, almost unfailingly, supremely dedicated hedonists. I arrived on the citric fringe what seems like only yesterday, but was in fact four or more years ago. I hate the way that increasingly happens, but there you go.

My association is through my best friend, an old partner in crime from my school days, who has since quit this sceptred isle for sunnier climes. On Sunday, I finally located the Boat Lemons, not a million miles away from my house. In grand tradition, the bulk of them had extended their Saturday night through until Sunday. Usually, when I have begun the race with them, my bolt is long shot by now. Their endurance, and capacity for booze, is impressive.

Sadly, they were less well equipped for coffee. Undeterred, we set about constructing a percolator / filter. By MacGyvering a bit of sling (triangular bandage), some wool gauze, part of an egg carton, and the end of a Coke bottle, we were actually able to make coffee.

Our first batch did resemble brown water, it has to be said. But, we made coffee. Only took a few hours, but as my partner in coffee reminded me - 'It's the journey, not the destination'.

Sadly, this soiree marked the departure of another pair of Lemons, again for sunnier climes. Now, I know I've only known this pair for a few years, and that it gives us an excuse to go visit, and that they'll be back, etc, etc... However, this pair are among the friendliest, most generous people it has ever been my pleasure to know. I've probably met them less than a dozen times all told, by my life was a little bit better for it, and I'm worried it'll be a little bit poorer now they ain't around.

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