Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pigs On The Wing

More of the multi.

Quietly busy tonight, but at least the aircon was fixed. One of my patients was a young chap with learning difficulties. Having resolved his problems, I was discharging him, when he gestured at another patient. "That man's sick", he whispered, actually drawing close to me, and hiding a little behind my arm. He seemed very frightened. His family told me he was afraid of hospitals, and doctors, although he seemed quite content with me. Maybe the idea of sickness upset him. I tried to reassure him that the other patients would be ok, with little success. Everything seemed to spook him as I walked him out.


I thought if we changed the subject... I commented on his earring, a snazzy, shiny gold number. The change was immediate. His face lit up, and he beamed with pride. And, then, he actually held his arms aloft, a silent cheer for himself, for his earring, maybe for all earrings and those who proudly wear them day in, day out. The forgotten heroes of ear jewelry.

I don't know, but I made someone happy, and that's gotta be worth some good Karma?

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Medblog Addict said...

Four posts in one day! They were all great, especially this one.