Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting Amongst It

PC - Sore Throat

HPC - Swallowed cheiwng gum 3/7 ago; thinks it got stuck. Can feel it rising and falling at the back of her throat. No difficulty eating, drinking, breathing. Nauseated, but no vomit

ODC - Has been stabbing herself in the oropharynx with various pointed objects in an attempt to remove the gum

Findings - Raw, injected, erythematous oropharynx; no bleeding. Awake nas-endoscopy revealed no trace of gum.

Disposition - wisdom of stabbing oneself in the throat with pointy things discussed. Advice given regarding the consequnces above and beyond 'sore throat' that such a plan might have. Reiterated age old wisdom that swallowing your gum is a bad idea.

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