Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Women are... interesting... make of this what you will.

When I first wrote about LBF here, she phoned me up to complain; not unreasonable, you might think, since I hadn't let her know she was going to feature, and some folks don't want their comings and goings splashed on the 'net. However, this is, after all, the ramblings of a grumpy old man, not The New York Times, and mostly anonymous(-ish), so one might argue few people would either see it or recognise her.

So, her entry was removed.

It seems that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, and LBF now regularly mentions, just in passing that her character has been disappointingly quiet recently.

Now it seems I have to expand her character and provide more back story.

LBF need more companions to keep her company when she's not having adventures with me.

And so I have the pleasure of introducing Schlingo, LBF's comrade in arms. She, too, is a teacher, and lives downstairs from LBF. She teaches younger kids than LBF, and I suspect they both think their job is a little bit harder than the other's.

I think its all basically colouring in shapes.

(This may not be the kind of storyline Schlingo was hoping for...)

Anyway, in case you were thinking Schlingo is a kind of two dimensional charactwer I've invented, to give her depth, it's worth noting she's dating JazzMan, who comes from the 1930s; or 1950s, depending on who you ask. She also once described yet another of LBF's friends as looking like 'an angry blue smartie', and suggested that Susan Boyle looked like a 'haunted tree', proving at a stroke that she has a far greater gift for language and imagery than I could ever hope to.

Anyway, she wanted in to this merry soap opera, so here she is.

Welcome aboard, Schlingo.

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