Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Entry Redacted

With satisfying timing, LBF contacted me today to express some concerns about the details included in the episode in which Schlingo made her debut...

I should therefore make it perfectly clear that I know teachers, of all varieties are highly skilled, overworked, underpaid pillars of society. Their work is much more than colouring in shapes.

Sometimes they stick the shapes on bits of card afterward.


Anonymous said...

Cuts in education mean that we rarely have enough resources to enable to stick shapes on card. Cuts in education also mean we don't have time to teach children to use scissors......

Anonymous said...


i love u and your blog

teachers of course also play with sandpits and get chilren to make noises with combs

its a very tough job in the inner cities and big council estates, and a very easy job in middle class suburbia

strangely though not many of the best teachers work in the inner cities or big council estates

i love ur blog

no one

DrShroom said...

All joking aside, I think teachers, generally speaking, all work fucking hard, and are massively undervalued. I don't believe anything is more important than education.

Anonymous said...

anonymous should try working in a city comprehensive with middle class kids and kids from council estates. I dare you to try it for a day...they would eat you alive!