Monday, September 21, 2009

Good From Afar...

I t has been suggested to me that I should be writing more, and indeed, more about certain subjects; I surely agree that to keep my part in our covenant, dear reader, I should be writing more. Writing under duress, however, worries me; I worry that my output will resemble drivel more than usual. Duress, is probably too strong a word, and I certainly need the prodding.

Well I'll try.

I had something I wanted to pitch about close ups. Real and figurative. La Belle Fille shouldtake particular note that this an example of me thinking out loud in general terms, and not talking about specifics.

I had ben struck by how many things in modern life look very shiny, or nice, or fun, until you see them close up, until you see their faults writ large. Everything, everybody has faults, but I fear modern life conditions us to expect the impossible, that everyting should be blemish-free.

Maybe I'm just disappointed in myself for buying into it.

Once again, this is just aimless generality. I think its important that we should all be aware of that.

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