Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wild Night

Morning everyone; I am, once again, at the mercy of insomnia in my post nights hangover.

So, here's what's occupying my thoughts:

1. I think I'm disappointed that the identity of 'The Stig' has been revealed. While I really wanted to know who he is/was, now that I know, I think I'd rather not. If you see what I mean.

2. I'm not sure Hillary Clinton has aged well.

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h. said...


I work crappy hours: 4PM-2AM.
Somedays I have to be at court at 8AM or 1:30PM
in addition to my regular duties.

Sleep dep is hard to overcome.
Over the past 13 years, I have learned to sleep.

I have the same schedule when I come home. I put my gear away. Write a blog entry and work on a relaxing hobby for one hour: no more.

I sleep in a dark room. I use white noise (a box fan) to down out noise.

I workout regularly. The work outs are predictable and run the same time.

On my off days, I try to regulate my sleep by only going to bed an hour or two earlier than normal.

I am not sure my methods would work well for doctor's hours in residency, but it offered none-the-less.


SeaSpray said...

Casa del Shroom - I like that! :)

H- my husband and I sleep with a box fan too. he calls it his sea breeze. :)