Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dulce et Decorum Est...

Whatever we may think, however we may feel, being a Doctor represents considerable priveledge. We are party to the best and worst of other people's lives. We are granted power tha other people are not, and charged with exercising it responsibly.

Perhaps greatest among these are the rights granted us under Common Law, by the Doctrine of Necessity. It enables me, however briefly, to supercede your wishes, to act on your behalf, sometimes in direct contravention of your stated desire.

In practice this is usually when someone is incapacitated, and unable to express their wishes, but, on occasion, it is despite your active rejection of my proposed plan of action.

In overdose, for example.

It should, and does, weigh heavily, on my mind to do this.

If ever I needed reminding of why this is not entered into lightly, yesterday's shift provided it. I may sometimes think o myself as noble, or heroic, but there is no glory to be had in pinning a teenage girl down in order to administer treatment.

Did I do the right thing? I doubt she will ever see it so, but I have to believe I did, and that at least I've given her the chance to be around to resent me.


TLP said...

Months and years from now; the girl herself will believe you did the right thing and will be very greatful for it.

You did the right thing Shroomy.

DrShroom said...

Well, I hope so. That's the only way to justify being a Nazi; still leaves a bad taste, mind.