Thursday, January 29, 2009

Travelling Riverside Blues

Weekend japes.

Glad to get away from the Department for a few days; the potboiler atmosphere of work, commute, revision is getting me down. The looming exam has had to be deferred; I'm disappointed by myself, I wanted to take the bloody thing, and get it out of the way, but for various reasons I can't, I won't be. Maybe more of that later, maybe not. It's fairly tedious, and I'm not convinced it makes for good reading.

So, anyway, the weekend saw me and LBF away to Wales. The Alfa Shroom-mobile was back in the shop, with a holed radiator. I do love driving Alfas, but they are about as reliable as a chocolate teapot, once the warranty expires. I also had my suspicions that it wouldn't cope with the backroads I was sure we'd be taking.

So; I broke the bank and hired an Audi Q7 (I think). A big bastard of an SUV, and, for all that, it handled very well. I also discovered that giving a lift to folks has to be its own reward...

And so to Wales. Another Lemon Wedding; in Wales; in Winter.

It was brilliant. A nicer bunch of hedonists than the lemons does not exist. I shan't bore you with the full details, but the jaunt involved beautiful scenery, wool, steam trains, wool, expansive outfits, wool, brilliant hats, a wedding and wool.

The reception was held in a splendid barn, adjoining a Tipi village, and the Wedding feast deployed more meat than I think I've ever seen assembled in one place; at least without being on the hoof.

Music, dancing, hard liquor and nudity. Brilliant, happy, warm people, all gathered in a grand old celebration. The Tipis we overnighted in were a wee bit damp, but who's counting. I'm fairly certain I made a royal spectacle of myself, and happy about it.

I think, I hope LBF enjoyed herself. It was hard not to, really...


732 said...

Good to see you DrShroom :-)

The machine you were driving was truly huge!

Dr Jon said...

Very much wish we'd been there. Good to see the usual level of hilarity is being maintained! Keep up the good work!