Sunday, January 11, 2009

Evil Has Many Roots

Money troubles.

La Belle Fille is cross with me; for a variety of reasons - because I'm working all the time, because I can't help but act like an infant around her friends, and now, because of money.

I am convinced that money causes more trouble than it's worth; perhaps I can afford t have such an opinion because I've never been short of cash; Ma and Pa Shroom are well enough off, and Doctoring pays the bills... so maybe this invalidates my opinion.

Money still causes grief tho'. LBF is owed some cash by an ex-housemate of hers, and he hasn't paid her for several months. I don't consider it a large sum, but that is all relative, of course. Ex-housemate now appears to be throwing a strop over the debt.

I suspect there are valid points on both sides, but what seems a simple enough matter t me had now become acrimonious; what price stress and heartache?

I know there are both moral principles and material realities at stake, but I hate seeing her upset by it.

Sadly, my attempt to express this opinion wasn't well received.

Money brings its own trouble and spreads it far and wide.

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anji said...

I've never been happy WITH money, and have never been happy WITHOUT money.

Sometimes, it's the principal behind the act and not so much the actual money. Sometimes, it's the act of betrayal that is really the act of contention. A roomie is someone that you become close to -- both in physical and emotional proximity. It often becomes a friendship and when betrayal takes place, it becomes personal.

And, my boyfriend always acts like an ass in front of my friends... it must be universal :)