Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Midnight Rambler

Or, Shroom musing with whiskey...

This might see me skating thin ice; it's cod philosophy anyway, not medical. Bail out now if it seems apt.

On beginnings...

I have always been fascinated by beginnings; mostly when I come upon something halfway through. But I guess that don't make me special. We all like to know our origins, our back story. Or someone else's. How we define beginnings are more or less important. More, if you're a ball of cells in utero; less if you only want to know how things turn out. Do you turn to the last page of a book?

Where do things begin? Are there always fireworks, and choirs of cherubim and seraphim? Not usually, unless you're at a synchronised firework display, or some all-comers fat kid sing off. But the idea is as old as time itself. The big bang must surely be the greatest firework display ever; and if your bent is more religious... well, "Let there be light" is as close to lighting there blue touchpaper as you'll ever need. And who's to say God didn't turn to the massed cherubim, and pronounce "Ta-Daa!"

Where do we begin? Fireworks? We surely hope so, and we surely dread the damp squib. But can it be simpler? With someone letting you in out of the rain? With someone accepting your clumsy effort to open a beer bottle?

Two become one? No; one becoming two. Maybe it starts with your "one" fitting into someone else's "two". When you can't but think of them with out a smile; when, wherever you are, you wish you were sitting next to them.

Is a beginning ever more than just that? A beginning. Can you tell what'll happen next? I don't think you should try. However important it is, it's just a beginning. Strap on, and see what it turns into, eh?

Maybe it's just as simple as the philosopher Dylan said: "I'll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours"

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NursieDoll said...

Beginnings are always the most spine tingling, exciting roller coaster ride of all. They should be savoured and forever kept within the minds memory box despite how the ending presents itself...