Monday, April 14, 2008

Le Courage Du Singe

Yes, it's Monkey Month over at the Knifeman. Celebrating the fact that we are all basically 99% Chimp. And yes I know monkeys and chimps aren't, technically, interchangeable. Humour me.

Pa Shroom has also pointed out that we're more or less 99% fruitfly, but I'm having less fun with 'Voila le fruitfly...'

As for my 'hypomania'... while I accept I sound a bit hypomanic from time to time, I'm happy that I ain't clinical. I'm a firm believer in people being allowed to be happy, and miserable, sometimes excessively so, without it being a clinical phenomenon. Anyway, I haven't been wrestled to the ground and sedated yet, but stay tuned.

However, I have to accept that I have been, perhaps, overly jocular at work, and a failure to adjust one's attitude for circumstances might well be straying over the boundary a bit. So, this week I shall try to forgo the fun part of my job; I'm not sure I can curtail the streak of black humour that courses thru my veins; that might send me mad. But I feel like I've been challenged, accused, of not doing the job.

So, serious Shroom. Game face, kow-tow to the managers, allow my spirit to be subverted. Maybe it'll make me a better doc. It sure as hell won't make me a better person, but that's not the point, eh?

Updates to follow.


NursieDoll said...

I some how dont think there is such thing as being over jocular especially within the ED setting..theres no need to change yourself just because others may not appreciate the diversity and variation people bring to clinical practice.

Lab Rat said...

sounds like you and I have the same problem at work. not everyone appreciates my humor.


Baby Blue Pyjamas said...

The camera crew woman loved you by all acounts she was overheard singing your prases. We need more darthvader impressions in resus, as well as bubble tournaments.

Faith Walker said...

I'm so jealous. My day was nowhere near as good as this.

Barry said...

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