Monday, January 29, 2007

The Stench Of Gin and Remorse

A few images:

Both MR views of the patient with a T6 fracture from previous posting



A nice reduction of a trimalleolar fracture, done by one of our students. We were generally impressed.

Not much happened of note today. Lots of docs, not so many patients. I did, however, receive a rejection letter from the Annals. Which basically sucks. Ah, well. Try, try and try again.

One of my good friends and colleagues has discovered that I pollute the blogosphere with, well, this. He's now quite keen to read it; I'm not sure I want him too, which is essentially lame, but there you go. Anyway, he's set on trying to find me, but I suspect he'll:

  • forget
  • lose interest.

If you have found your way here Colossus, welcome aboard. I'm fairly sure I haven't ben rude about you, so - enjoy!


Started reading something or other about Jack The Ripper. Nice.


Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

That "before" X-ray made me hurt!

sisyphus said...

Not trying to spook you out at all, and I realise that this could come across as a bit creepy, but it's not at all hard to discover your real identity, you know - does this bother you?
If it does, say so, and I'll send you what and how I did it via a proper email somehow, so that you can wipe the links or something.
If it doesn't bother you...hurrah, and I won't!

DrShroom said...

It is slightly creepy; but I haven't tried all that hard to disguise myself - what with the picture and all. I don't think I'm too bothered - assuming you aren't plannng on stalking / killing me etc...

Indian Medic said...

really nice reduction there!!
and an awesome blog.
all the MRI and X rays are superb!

The Angry Medic said...

Agree with Bohemian - trimalleolar fracture? Nasty.

And hey, the more you try to disguise your identity, the more people want to find out. See what happened to poor Doctor Anonymous. Whereas I've given up my anonymity, and whilst loads of people hate me, they haven't tried to kill met yet.

Stay the way you are, man. Don't get bothered by anonymity - let it all hang out.

(Not THAT way, you pervs!)

colossus said...

Tracked you down finchy! I think you wanted me to find it really,telling me your pseudonym helped, but dont worry your secret is safe with me.Interesting to gain some insight into whats going on inside.Such deep & meaningfulls usualy onscured by the haze of acohol. Read what you said about our tiff, I hope you dont really think that,felt a bit emotional (in a manly way of course)Good friends dont come around very often & mean too much to fall out with other something so stupid. Ive never been one to hold a grudge, life is too short. If rocky can win at & hugs with big pupils.

DrShroom said...

Thanks Colossus, old boy. I figured even you could find your way here with the address!